The Ouija Broads Guide to Good Vibes and Happy Thoughts

Even ghost stories can be stressful sometimes, what with the usual horrible death pre-requisite. Here we have collected the episodes that we think are the most light-hearted and require the fewest content warnings. In fact we’ll even put in some extra notes about potentially stressful stuff in the descriptions below so you can pick the chillest episode for your personal requirements!

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101: The Political Animal (June 17, 2019)

It's technically politics, but we promise it's zero stress. The first story in the episode is about Boston Curtis, a long-eared mule that was briefly elected as a Republican precinct committeeman in Milton, Washington. The second story is about Mayor Stubbs, a tail-free marmalade cat who spent most of his twenty years of life as the mayor of a small town in Alaska.

Stress rating: The guy who helped Boston Curtis get elected coordinated a prank where a teen did get thumped in the head with a firehose, but everybody is okay.

Does an animal die: Stubbs does die, but peacefully and at a ripe old age.


94: Man’s West Friend March 4, 2019

Devon tells Liz about a four-legged explorer and his journey with Lewis and Clark. This is the tale of Seaman, the Newfoundland who accompanied Lewis and Clark on their famous journey.

Stress rating: Seaman is briefly abducted and Meriwether Lewis threatens to go full John Wick on a whole village, but the dog is returned in time. He also gets bitten by a beaver, but survives. The colonialism is minimally referenced but inherent to the setting.

Does an animal die: One story claims that Seaman pined away and died with grief upon his master’s grave.


88: A Noble and Absurd Undertaking (December 10, 2018)

Devon and Liz swap tales of more Good Dogs of the Northwest, including a very big beagle and Bobbie the Wonder Dog. The first story is about the Dog Bark Park Inn, an Idaho hotel in the shape of a beagle for no particular reason. The second story is about Bobbie the Wonder Dog, a scrappy pup who did a real-life Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.

Stress rating: Pretty minimal except when Bobbie gets lost.

Does an animal die: Bobbie passes eventually, after being reunited with his family.


Bonus Audio: It’s Not Bro Time, It’s Show Time (Liz and Devon watch Magic Mike XXL) (August 13, 2018)

You can get the movie and watch along with us or just enjoy our out of context reactions, we basically never shut up unless it's the part where the ladies kiss. 

Stress rating: Zero.


70: You’re It, Huckleberry! (July 2, 2018)

Liz tells Devon about a Spokane game that's gone Hollywood! Specifically, a decades-long game of tag.

Stress level: If anything around guns stresses you out, skip the part where Devon tells the story of the bearskin prank. Nobody is harmed, though.


69: Eat Weird, Oregon! (June 17, 2018)

A light-hearted overview of some of the tasty treats special to the Beaver State. Topics covered include Dave's Killer Bread, Tillamook, hazelnuts, marionberries, Burgerville, Voodoo Doughnuts, breweries, the humongous fungus, lithium water, the biggest chocolate waterfall in the world, ice cream rolls, eating pigeons and bugs, Taco Time, crustos, and strip club wars.

Potential stress rating: Maybe if strip clubs and conflict around veganism stress you out?