The Ouija Broads Guide to Bigfoot

If you had a legend like Bigfoot, you wouldn’t just talk about them once and be done, right? Absolutely not, and neither would we. Here’s a guide to our Sasquatch coverage…


59: Attack at Ape Canyon

Liz and Devon discuss incidents when humans and sasquatch crossed paths to less than salubrious effect. The Ape Canyon attack at Mt. St. Helens' is discussed, as well as other close encounters. 


Devon’s Solo Sasquatch Storytime

Wandering the cold cruel world without her partner in crime, Devon uses the opportunity to talk about Sasquatch and share excerpts from/thoughts about Linda Godfrey's recent book "American Monsters: A History of Monster Lore, Legends, and Sightings in America." (Available online here.) 


Lost Episode #2: Bigfoot

In their ongoing conversation, Liz and Devon move on to the story of Mount Saint Helens and Bigfoot.  Secondary topics: Do you believe in ghosts; proper ouija board disposal; neither Broad actually knows what Occam's razor is; relic populations; what to wear to Bigfoot's funeral; Hawaii for Sasquatch.   


92: Beyond the Pale

February 4, 2019

Devon tells Liz the tale of a very distinctive Bigfoot that roamed through Oregon and Washington, along with other encounters of Sasquatch that look a little different.