Guest Spots, Lost Episodes, and More

For completionists and curiosity-seekers, you can find a list of all our guest spots, crossovers, lost episodes, and other bonus content below. 


A sort-of lost episode... the Stanley Hotel.

Here's the story with this one... we were using Zencastr, and something odd happened when we both spoke at once. It gets blippy. (Zencastr said they'd look into it but we never heard back.) So this isn't our peak audio product, and I'm not putting it on the main feed as a result. But Devon still did a really good job with the story, and it's an interesting one, so I'm putting it here for anyone who wants to check it out. 


Historical Hotties, Category: Old West

In Fall 2017, Liz guested on Historical Hotties, a fantastic show hosted by sisters Whitney and Lindsey  Nelsen. She pitted her pick for Old West Historical Hottie, Josie Earp (wife of famed lawman Wyatt) against Calgary legend John Ware and sharpshooter Annie Oakley. Why are these three our top contenders? Who took the crown? Well, you'll just have to listen to find out. And check out all of Historical Hotties' other fantastic episodes, which make history fun and kinda hot. 



Healthcare Dialogue

Liz has a day job?! Yes, and you can hear her talk about health insurance and Medicaid work requirements on two episodes of KYRS's Healthcare Dialogue. 


71: The Curse of Bruce and Brandon Lee

July 9, 2018

Devon introduces Liz to the amazing legacies of Bruce and Brandon Lee, and the curse that is associated with their untimely deaths. 

CW: Murder, accidental death. Some discussion of anti-Asian prejudices in Hollywood and general Orientalism issues. Roman Polanski comes up briefly. 

Secondary topics: A new Ouija Broads plotline; Anna May Wong; who ruined calzones?; two things aren't a trend; Devon's posthumous restaurant; a return to the Pine Box. 


70: You’re It, Huckleberry!

July 2, 2018

Liz tells Devon about a Spokane game that's gone Hollywood!

Secondary topics: The Shape of Water; European drivers; airplane tag; the green head; Liz's trauma with her pre-calc teacher; a bearskin prank; a return to Doug Jones.